Put Your Plan Into Writing

The Five Wishes Living Will is a great tool to walk you through making and documenting your decisions for the topics below. You can access the Five Wishes document at: http://www.agingwithdignity.org/five-wishes.php

The Five Wishes Living Will is a document developed by Aging with Dignity. It is honored as a legal document in 42 states, including South Carolina. Written so that anyone can understand it and available in 26 languages, it can help document what you identified as being important in your personal plan for a good end of life. You can complete the document online or download a hard copy. Free copies can often be obtained from a hospice agency.

Many times, individuals write memoirs or letters to their loved ones. This can be a very satisfying experience to leave a written legacy for the next generation. These memoirs are sometimes referred to as “Ethical Wills.” They are not a regular will that tells who you want to leave your money and belongings to, but they do serve to document your thoughts about your life and how you want to be remembered. Books to help you write an ethical will may be found in a local bookstore or online. Here is one option at Amazon for workbooks to help you write your own ethical will.

Often ethical wills are in the form of letters to loved ones chronicling what values have been most important to you, what made you the happiest, regrets you have, who you want to forgive or seek forgiveness from, and advice for the future.

Communicate with Your Love Ones