Grief & Bereavement

Grieving is a necessary passage and a difficult transition to finally letting go of sorry- it is not a permanent rest stop.

- Dodinsky

Grief is a common response to the loss of a loved one and is experienced differently by everyone. For many years, it was thought that there were definitive stages of grief that everyone journeyed through; but recent thought is that not everyone experiences these stages, nor do they have to go through them. Grief is based on an individual’s religious beliefs, culture, gender, age, socio-economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, and type of relationship to the deceased person. What is universal is that everyone responds and adapts to loss differently.

Approaches to helping those experiencing grief are varied. Most often, individuals find hope and healing by talking with a professional grief counselor, joining a support group, or reading books.

provides you with suggestions on:

  • Books, newsletters, and websites that have helpful information
  • Information on support groups and individual counseling
  • Camp and bereavement programs for children and teens
  • Annual Candlelight Memorial Service
  • Training for grief and bereavement professionals
  • Resources