Not everyone is ready or able to attend a support group. Some may choose to start with individual counseling.

When is individual counseling most appropriate?

  • You are experiencing difficulty completing normal tasks needed to care for yourself or your home.
  • You are experiencing emotions that you can not control or that are lasting a very long time.
  • You are not experiencing any grief reaction and wonder if this is normal.
  • You have a history of mental illness, drug addiction, or alcohol abuse.
  • You are feeling hopeless or suicidal.
  • You have no outside support from family or friends.
  • You are reluctant to share your thoughts and feelings with others.

Finding a professional trained in grief and loss counseling is not always easy. The best place to start is to call a local hospice or ask at the funeral home. These organizations usually maintain a list of local professions with whom they have had experience. Call and ask for a list of Bereavement Coordinators, Social Workers, or Chaplains who provide grief counseling. Your local pastor or church may also be a place to start.