Support Groups

Support groups are a perfect way for you to not carry your loss alone and to meet others who have also experienced a loss in a safe, supportive environment. These are some of the benefits you might experience from a support group:

  • You can meet and observe others who have experienced a similar loss and learn from them.
  • Caregiving may have isolated you; and now that you are alone, you might be feeling even more alone. This tendency toward isolation can be counteracted through socializing with others other in person or on an online website.
  • Because the structure of the group is supportive and non-judgmental, everyone can progress at their own pace
  • The meetings provide a sense of structure and give you some place to plan to go to outside your house.
  • You can see how others are handling loss and learn from them.
  • Professional support group facilitators provide educational materials that can help in understanding grief and learning practical tips for coping and healing.

All hospice organizations should provide bereavement services for their families at no charge, and they often provide assistance for community members as well. You can find a list of hospices and their phone numbers in the Hospice and Palliative Care section of this website and in the Planning section. When you call a hospice, ask to speak with their Bereavement Specialist.

For an alternative to traditional grief support groups, join Grief 101 the third Wednesday of the month.  Go to our events page for more information.

Several hospices have  ongoing support groups scheduled in the following geographical areas.  Call the number provided for information on where and when they meet.

Beaufort, SC:  Sanctuary Hospice- 843-645-6540

Bluffton, SC: Hospice Care of the Low Country- 843-706-2296

Goose Creek, SC: Intrepid Hospice- 843-553-2503

Hilton Head, SC: Hospice Care of the Low Country- 843-706-2296

Mount Pleasant, SC:  Agape Hospice- 843-553-7122

Hospice of Charleston- Hospice Center- 843-725-7937

Lutheran Hospice- 843-856-4735

North Charleston, SC: Odyssey Hospice- 843-554-4048

Regency Hospice- 843-863-5292

Summerville, SC: Odyssey Hospice- 843-554-4048

Agape Hospice 843-714-8758

West Ashley, SC: Roper Hospice 843-402-7000