Choosing a Hospice

There are currently 21 hospices serving patients in Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties.  The great majority are for-profit companies; only two are nonprofit organizations.  You can find the complete list on our website under List of Hospices.

Each has unique qualities, and the sheer number of choices can make the process of choosing a hospice seem difficult. Bridges has developed a tool to help you identify what is most important to you at this point, and then we provide you with questions to ask as you interview the hospices. Your physician may have a hospice he prefers to use, but you should feel comfortable in choosing the hospice that meets your needs, since they will be in your home and working closely with you.

Tool for Choosing a Hospice

How to get a referral

Once you have chosen a hospice, let them know who your physician is and they will start the process for you.


  • The hospice will contact your physician and get the ball rolling.
  • The hospice should meet with you at your home to talk about how they can help
  • They will review medical records and assess the patient.


  • Your physician will fax important medical records and a prescription to the hospice for review.
  • Sometimes, your physician will have a hospice they usually work with.
    Remember, the choice is yours.


  • Although it is not necessary, you may notify your physician’s nurse that you are considering hospice and give them the name of the hospice you have chosen. This sometimes speeds things up.