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What to do when you don’t know what to say

There are few words that accurately describe the gravity of emotions and feelings one experiences when grieving. There are physical and emotional effects that can throw a body into disarray. What few

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What is Scarier Than Talking About Death?

There are several great books, short documentaries, and movies out there that emphasize the fact that we are all here for a finite amount of time. However, I'm not sure we really live that way, at lea

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Dying to Know Day

Dying to Know Day is August 8th this year. The day exists to bring to life conversation and community actions around death, dying, and bereavement. To find out more about dying to know day, check o

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Welcome to the new Bridges for End-of-Life website! We hope this space can be a great resource for you or those around you who are seeking information on how to work through grief, help others work

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